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Special screws

It is true that our special screws may not form the bulk of your machine or system, but they are a very essential part.

Our area of expertise starts where the standard parts catalogue ends. We manufacture special screws, custom-made screws or special bolts for you based on your samples or drawings.
No matter how challenging the application conditions for your custom-made screws or special screws are - we support you!


Expansion screws

Screw connections with an expansion shaft (e.g. DIN 2510) are particularly practical for designs subject to changing operating forces and temperatures, ensuring permanent durability of the bolted fastening.

This is exactly where we can help you: wether made of special materials such as high-temperature steels or with additional testing - we are reliable partner!


Studs & stud bolts

We supply studs to DIN 938 and DIN 939 as well as threaded bolts to DIN 976, DIN 975, ANSI B16.5, ASME B16.5 or to your individual specification.

We also offer stud bolts wich we can manufacture from virtually any material for a variety of applications - we are your connection!


CNC-turned / milled parts

Parts according to drawing are our strength!
We offer the highest level of precision: from simple bolts to sophisticated parts to drawing, made of any machinable material and from non-ferrous metals with differernt turning and milling processes.

By the way: we have special sliding head lathes for long turned parts.

Benefit from our long standing experience - we are your specialist for parts to drawing!


Standard parts

A different type of standard parts - screws and nuts with special requirements

With deviating geometries, thread lengths, special materials or surface treatments (e.g, PTFE, zinc flake coating, galvanizing, etc.), with special inspection test certificates or material testing - you can count on us!

By the way: We also offer American standards (such as AISI, ASME or ASTM)


Aluminium screws

Aluminium makes life easier!

Benefit from the properties of aluminium or learn more about titanium.
We are the right contact for standard parts made of aluminium, high strength aluminium and titanium!

We can supply fasteners made of aluminium P60, P65, Sopral as well as titanium gr. 2 at short notice!


Lubricating & assembly pastes

The right paste will do it!

In addition to our screws, we can offer you the right paste for your application.
Do you need a universal lubricant that is suitable for the lubrication of highly loaded plain, roller and joint bearings, spindles and machine guides?
Or do you need a qualitative assembly paste or a ceramic paste?

You will find the right one with us!