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Tensile test


Here you can learn more about testing methods such as tensile testing, crack testing and much more.

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You always wanted to know about the way your screw is manufactured?
Here you will learn about the manufacturing processes.

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Raw material


You want to know what the meaning of the designation of your material is?
Here you can find out.

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Marking with a needle marker


Learn more about marking your fastener here.

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Thread rolling


Here you can read everything about threads.
Metric threads, UNC / UNF threads or Whitworth pipe threads - we have them all.

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Coated screw


How is your coating applied?
What is the meaning of A3C?
More information about coating can be found here.

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Special parts assembly


Tightening torques, friction values, etc.;
the subject of assembly is multifaceted.
Here you can read about it in detail.

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Milling parts screw lock

Screw lock

You want to secure your fastener against loosening and releasing?
Read all about screw locking here.

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Rusty screw


A screw can rust - this is nothing new.
Here you can find out why and how fasteners rust.

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