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Lubrication / assembly pastes

Assembly paste

High-performance tungsten disulfide paste for extreme conditions. Adheres even to apparently smooth surfaces. Prevents running-in damage and scuff marks by rubbing into bearings and sliding guides when assembling components with close pairings. Contains a synergistically acting solid lubricant system based on zinc sulfide, graphite, fluorides and tungsten disulfide.

Temperature application range: -35 °C to +450 °C


Apply to clean sliding surfaces with a brush, brush or lint-free cloth. Do not rub in. Application in excess possible.

Technical properties:

  • excellent adhesion
  • very productive
  • high wear protection
  • good corrosion protection
  • easy processing
  • excellent emergency running properties
  • high economic efficiency
  • coefficient of friction: 0.10 - 0.13 µ

Ceramic Paste

For the lubrication of highly loaded sliding surfaces of all kinds. Especially for low speeds and oscillating movements. For separating temperature-stressed components and as corrosion protection on screws, pins, bolts, flanges, spindles and fits. Semi-synthetic, metal-free and white high temperature paste. Prevents sticking, cold welding, rusting and sliding and offers very good wear and corrosion protection. Universally applicable and resistant to hot and cold water as well as acids and alkalis.

Temperature application range: -40 °C to +1,400 °C


Before treatment, the parts must be clean and free from residues, dirt and moisture. Apply to cleaned surfaces with a brush, scrubbing brush or non-fibrous cloth. Quantity depends on application area and use.

Technical properties:

  • limited resistance to organic acids and alkalis
  • good water resistance
  • highest pressure absorption capacity
  • neutral against common sealing materials
  • non-toxic
  • prevents brake noises
  • prevents burning and cold welding
  • prevents jerking
  • coefficient of friction: 0.10 - 0.13 µm

White universal grease

For use on highly loaded plain, roller and spherical bearings. Solid lubricants guarantee high pressure properties for contamination-free grease lubrication points as well as long-term lubrication. Hygienically harmless in the sense of § 31, para. 1 of the Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods Act.

Temperature application range -30 °C to +120 °C

Field of application:

For lubrication of highly loaded plain, anti-friction and spherical plain bearings, spindles and guides of machines in the food, beverage, paper, textile and clothing industry as well as on household appliances.


Do not mix with other greases!

Technical properties:

  • with long-term effect
  • excellent gliding properties
  • increases the lubricating effect

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