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Welcome to the production page of Güldner, your reliable partner for fasteners! As a renowned company, we specialize in the production of special screws, nuts, special parts, turned and milled parts as well as drawing parts and standard parts.

Our wide range of services includes various manufacturing processes, such as forging technology and the machining production of fasteners. By using state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified employees, we are able to offer precise and customized solutions for your individual requirements.


The metal forming technology enables us to shape metal parts into the desired form through targeted forming. We use innovative processes and materials to ensure the highest quality and durability.

In machining, we rely on precise milling and turning processes to produce complex special parts and other connecting elements such as screws according to your specifications. Our experienced specialists ensure that your parts are manufactured with the utmost precision.

Another focus of our production is thread manufacturing. We offer a variety of thread types and sizes to meet your specific requirements.


At Güldner, we place great value on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Our many years of experience and extensive know-how make us a reliable partner for demanding projects.

Convince yourself of our services and contact us for more information or an individual offer. We look forward to assisting you with your projects!

Production processes

Hot forging and cold forming of metals
Metal forming technology
Cold & hot forging

Find out about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of hot forging and cold forming methods here.

Precise production of special screws through machining
Machining production
Turning & milling

There are different types of machining techniques, such as turning and milling. Both techniques have their own specific applications and advantages.

Thread production by thread cutting and thread rolling
Thread production
Cutting & rolling

The production of threads can be carried out in various ways, including thread cutting and thread rolling.

The heat treatment and coating of special parts, screws and drawing parts is an important process to improve the mechanical properties and durability.

During heat treatment, the fasteners are heated to a certain temperature and then cooled in a controlled manner. This allows internal stress in the material to be reduced, resulting in improved strength and durability. In addition, specific heat treatment techniques such as quenching or tempering can be used to specifically influence certain properties such as hardness or toughness.

The main purpose of coating special screws, turned parts and other fasteners is to protect them from corrosion and wear. A thin layer is applied to the metal surface to protect it from environmental influences. Various coating techniques are used, depending on which properties need to be improved.

The combination of heat treatment and coating makes it possible to optimize the performance of the fastening solutions in various applications. Whether in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering or the electronics industry - heat treatment and coating play an important role in the quality and service life of special screws, special bolts and other fasteners.

Heat treatment for optimized properties of fasteners
Thermal treatment

We offer various heat treatments for fasteners to achieve optimized properties.


Find out more about different coating processes and their advantages.

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