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Company headquarters Niederstetten of Sonderschrauben Güldner
Company profile

Learn more about us and our company history

Company profile

Learn more about us and our company history

Company portrait Sonderschrauben Güldner GmbH & Co. KG

Sonderschrauben Güldner GmbH & Co. KG is a specialized company that focuses on the production and distribution of fasteners and fastening materials. Our history started on May 4, 1981 in Künzelsau, when we were established as a subsidiary of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG.

Our business area comprises the distribution of fasteners that are not available in the conventional screw trade. In addition, we expand our product range with customized CNC turned and milled parts made from special materials.

As part of the Würth Group, we are proud to be part of a company that closed the 2023 financial year with record results. The Würth Group achieved sales of EUR 20.4 billion, of which Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG contributed EUR 2.4 billion. The Würth Group employs more than 87,046 people worldwide, of which more than 7,900 work at Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG.

Our headquarters in Niederstetten is home to around 100 dedicated employees who are committed to manufacturing and supplying high-quality products such as special screws, expansion screws, expansion bolts and many other fasteners for our customers.


Founding of Sonderschrauben Güldner

Sonderschrauben Güldner was founded on May 4, 1981 as a subsidiary of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG in Künzelsau. It specializes in the sale of fasteners that go beyond the conventional screw trade. This unique business field has enabled Sonderschrauben Güldner to occupy a niche in the industry. In addition, the company is expanding its product range by providing customized CNC turned and milled parts made from special materials, which further strengthens its position as an innovative supplier in the industry.


Certifications & start of in-house production in Niederstetten

A significant milestone in the company history of Sonderschrauben Güldner was the attainment of DIN EN ISO 9002 (now 9001:2008) certification by TÜV Süd. This underlines the company's commitment to quality and excellence. In addition, the company was recognized by TÜV as a qualified processor of materials in accordance with the requirements of AD 2000-Merkblatt W0 and TRD 100, confirming its technical competence and reliability. Compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC was also confirmed, underlining the safety and quality of its products.

Further decisive progress followed with the start of in-house production in Niederstetten, where CNC turning and milling centers were used. This enabled the company to expand its production capacities and diversify its product range.

Another defining moment in the company's history was the introduction of a new logo, which presents the company in a new light and strengthens its brand identity. These developments have helped to establish Sonderschrauben Güldner as a leading supplier in the industry.


20-year anniversary of the company

In 2001, Sonderschrauben Güldner celebrated its 20th anniversary. This milestone marks two decades of successful business activity, during which the company has expanded its product range and consolidated its market position. The anniversary is a testament to the dedication, commitment and hard work of all Sonderschrauben Güldner employees and proof of the quality and reliability of the products and services the company offers its customers.


Change of leadership

A significant moment in the history of Sonderschrauben Güldner was when Heinrich Röger, the founding Managing Director, retired. Röger made an invaluable contribution to the founding and growth of the company. After his retirement, Wolfgang Offenloch took over the role of Managing Director. Offenloch, supported by Bruno Weber, the authorized signatory, stepped into big footsteps and took on the responsibility of leading the company into the future. This transition marks a new stage in the development of Sonderschrauben Güldner.


25th company anniversary

In 2006, Sonderschrauben Güldner celebrated another significant event - its quarter-century anniversary. This milestone marks 25 years of commitment, innovation and success in the industry. The quarter-century anniversary is a testament to the company's consistency and growth, and proof of its ability to adapt to changing market conditions while consistently delivering high-quality products and services.


New construction of a production and administration building in Niederstetten

The company's history is characterized by significant milestones and continuous growth. On November 1, 2007, an important step was taken with the commissioning of the newly constructed production and administration building in Niederstetten. This state-of-the-art building provides space for 18 dedicated employees in the production sector, who work on a variety of CNC-controlled turning and milling centers.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, the company has introduced an environmental management system in accordance with EMAS. This certified system helps to minimize the company's environmental impact while increasing efficiency.

The environmental management system was introduced, certified and approved by the renowned Germanischer Lloyd. This underlines the company's commitment to maintaining high standards and marks an important milestone in the company's history. These events form the foundation for the company's future success and are proof of its continuous development and commitment to excellence and sustainability.


30 years of Sonderschrauben Güldner

A remarkable moment in the history of Sonderschrauben Güldner was the celebration of its thirtieth anniversary. This milestone is a testament to the consistency and commitment of the company, which has grown continuously over three decades. This milestone not only marks the past, but also points the way to a promising future.


New manufacturer approval & change of managing director

In July 2014, Sonderschrauben Güldner reached another significant milestone when the company received manufacturer approval from e.ON in accordance with KTA 1401 and AVS D 100/50. This approval underlines the quality and reliability of Güldner's products and services.

At the end of 2013, Wolfgang Offenloch took his well-deserved retirement. His management role was taken over on January 1, 2014 by Dr. Markus Beckert, who continues to run the company in collaboration with Alois Wimmer. This handover marks a new chapter in Sonderschrauben Güldner's history as the company continues its mission to deliver high quality products and services under new leadership. These events are important chapters in Güldner's history and demonstrate the company's continuous development and commitment.


Expansion of the production area in Niederstetten

In another significant step in the company's history, Sonderschrauben Güldner has expanded its production capacity by building an additional hall of around 500 square meters. This expansion has enabled the company to increase its production capacity and improve its efficiency. At the same time, the machine park was expanded with the acquisition of two additional machining centers. These investments in infrastructure and equipment demonstrate Güldner's ongoing commitment to growth and innovation. They mark another milestone in the company's history and lay the foundations for future expansion and success.


Expansion of production facilities & establishment of a field service organization

The year 2016 marks another important step in the history of Sonderschrauben Güldner. This year, the company made significant investments in the expansion of its production facilities, demonstrating its ability to increase production and improve efficiency. In addition, a sales force structure was successfully implemented in the distribution area. This strategic decision has enabled Sonderschrauben Güldner to expand its market presence and increase its customer base. These achievements in 2016 reflect Sonderschrauben Güldner's commitment to continuous growth and innovation and lay the foundation for its continued success.


Expansion & new company logo

The latest achievement in Sonderschrauben Güldner's company history is the completion of an additional production hall covering an impressive 1,500 square meters. With this expansion, the company has increased its total production area to a remarkable 3,500 square meters, further increasing its capacity to manufacture quality products.

In addition to this physical expansion, Sonderschrauben Güldner has also strengthened its brand identity by introducing a new company logo. This new logo represents Sonderschrauben Güldner's values and commitment and serves as a visible sign of its continued development and growth. These latest developments are another turning point in Sonderschrauben Güldner's history and underline its position as a leader in its industry.

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