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Key information about Sonderschrauben Güldner


Key information about Sonderschrauben Güldner


Sonderschrauben Güldner GmbH & Co. KG
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97996 Niederstetten

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Sonderschrauben Güldner Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

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Dr. Markus Beckert
Hohe Buche 13
97996 Niederstetten


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Mutual trust, predictability, honesty and straightforwardness both internally and externally are basic principles that are firmly anchored in our company. We have been pursuing our commitment to these values since the company was founded in 1981, not only by complying with all applicable rules and laws, but also by ensuring that our employees have the appropriate inner attitude, which is an essential component of sustainable corporate success. And it is precisely this inner attitude that we want to promote. At the same time, we demand strict compliance with all applicable national and international rules and laws. To make this transparent to our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners, we have derived specific rules of conduct based on our corporate values, which we have summarized again in the Code of Compliance.


Reporting Hotline SpeakUp

With our Code of Compliance we commit ourselves to behaving with integrity in our dealings with each other as well as with our customers, suppliers and other business partners. Investigations show that third party information often leads to the investigation of white-collar crime. For this reason, we have set up a system that enables us to receive information on criminal activities and other serious compliance violations from third parties as well as from employees of the Würth Group. This is the Internet-based BKMS system (Business Keeper Monitoring System). If you wish to give us information via this system, you can do so by name or anonymously. However, since we seek open communication, we encourage you to provide your name when making a report. In any case, we will treat your information as strictly confidential and take into account the legitimate interests of all parties involved. Please create a mailbox in the BKMS system where we can contact you. This is important in the event of queries or if you wish to supplement your report with further information at a later date. Communication via the mailbox can - if desired - also be anonymous. The system serves exclusively to draw attention to suspected white-collar crime or defined, serious compliance violations in the Würth Group. Misuse for other purposes may constitute a criminal offence.

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