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Studs & stud bolts


If connections are to be released more frequently, studs are used. Stud bolts (also called set screws, stud bolts or screw bolts) are screws without forged heads, which are equipped with a thread on both sides. The full shank, which lies between the threads, corresponds to the nominal diameter of the thread. One end of the stud bolt is called the nut end, the other end is called the screw-in end.

Studbolts (or stud bolts) are often used in the chemical and petrochemical industry for flanged joints. Different standards are used. Very often stud bolts according to ASME B16.5, an international standard for flange connections, are required.

A big difference between threaded pieces according to DIN or bolts with head is the determination of the nominal length. While DIN threads and headed bolts are measured from the total length to the flat face, studbolts are measured from the first load bearing thread to the nominal length without phase.

We offer Stud Bolts according to the following standards, among others:
- DIN 976 / DIN 975
- ANSI B16.5
- ASME B16.5

We are pleased to offer you your stud bolts according to customer specifications.

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