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Special screws - as individual as your requirements
Special screws

individual | as your requirements

Special screws

individual | as your requirements

Special screws & special bolts

Special screws and special bolts are manufactured for specific applications and special requirements and are not standardized. Special screws differ from DIN screws in their properties and/or design. These special screws are manufactured according to customer drawings, specifications or customer samples. Furthermore, special screws and bolts can be manufactured from different materials or special materials and can be coated with different surface treatments in order to meet special requirements. The surface treatment of special screws is important to improve their corrosion resistance, friction properties and aesthetic appearance. Different types of surface treatment offer different benefits and are selected depending on the application. We use various manufacturing processes such as hot and cold forming, machining manufacturing processes to produce special screws and special screws.

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Special screws for industrial applications

Special screws and special bolts play an important role in mechanical engineering as they are specially developed for specific applications and requirements. In comparison to standardized screws, they offer individual solutions and enable an optimal fit and functionality.

Special screws and special fasteners are suitable for a variety of applications in mechanical engineering, such as in the automotive industry, in aircraft construction, in medical technology or in electronics. They are often used where standard solutions are not sufficient or special requirements have to be met, such as high temperatures, extreme loads or special environmental conditions.


Complex special screws for pressure equipment engineering

Complex special screws and bolts for pressure equipment construction meet the highest quality and safety requirements. Special bolts are used in various areas of pressure equipment construction, such as the assembly of pressure vessels, pipelines and valves.


Special screws according to drawing for machine construction

For individual machines and systems in special machine construction, special screws are required which have to be specially manufactured according to drawings. These special screws meet the highest standards of quality, precision and reliability.

Special screws made from various materials and special raw materials

Various materials are used for special screws and special bolts, depending on the specific requirements of the application. Commonly used materials include stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and special alloys. The choice of the right material depends on factors such as corrosion resistance, strength, weight and temperature resistance.

Screw types

There are a variety of screw types that have been developed for different purposes and applications. The most common types of screws include, for example, hexagon head screws, countersunk screws, cheese head screws, grub screws, flat head screws, pan head screws and Torx screws. Each type of screw has its own characteristics and advantages that make it suitable for certain applications.

Screws differ in various aspects, such as head shape, thread type, drive type and intended use. Choosing the right screw depends on factors such as load, installation method, accessibility and aesthetic requirements.

Special screws and special bolts offer customized solutions for specific requirements in the industry. They enable optimum fit, functionality and performance and help to improve product quality and reliability.

Finally, special screws also help to reduce costs. By using customized screws, unnecessary material costs can be avoided. The screws are adapted precisely to the requirements of the respective application so that no redundant materials have to be used. This leads to a more efficient use of resources and cost savings for companies. Furthermore, re-procurement is ensured, so that continuous production can be guaranteed, risks are minimized and the quality of your products can be guaranteed.

Overall, special screws play a crucial role in the industry. They enable precise connections, contribute to efficiency in production, ensure safety and help to reduce costs. Without these specially developed screws, many industrial processes and applications would not be possible.

We create connections - for your individual requirements

  • Production of special screws according to customer requirements (drawing, specifications or samples)
  • Manufacturing of screws with diameters from 4- 80 mm and lengths up to 700 mm
  • Production of complex special screws and special bolts
  • Quantities from 1 - 50,000 pieces
  • Production of special screws from a variety of materials and special materials
  • Application of various coatings and surface treatments

Materials and coatings for your special screws and special fasteners