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Standard parts

A different type of standard parts! With deviating geometries, thread lengths, special materials or surface treatments, with special inspection test certificates or material testing - you can count on us!


On the following page you will find more about hexagon head screws, cylinder head screws or countersunk screws.
In which dimensions, for example, have the key widths of the hexagon socket head screws changed?
You can find everything about standard screws here.



Sechskantmuttern und alles wissenswerte finden Sie auf der folgenden Seite.
Änderungen zwischen DIN 934 und ISO 4032 die Sie beachten sollten und vieles mehr können Sie hier nachlesen.



Here you can learn more about the most common washers such as DIN 125 or its international partner ISO 7089.
Washers are required to transfer the force between the bolt head or nut and the workpiece to be fastened to a larger surface.