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Individual fasteners and fastening solutions

Connection solutions and individual fastening solutions are crucial for safe and reliable assembly. At Güldner, you will find a wide range of products, including screws, turned parts and milled parts, which are specially manufactured according to our customers' individual specifications.

Our screws and parts are characterized by their high quality and precision. They are available in various sizes, materials and thread types to meet the requirements of different applications. Whether you need standard parts or special screws, we offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Our screws, turned and milled parts are manufactured using the latest technology and expertise. We work closely with our customers to understand their individual specifications and deliver high-precision parts. From simple components to complex assemblies, we offer customized solutions for various industries and applications.

Our experienced team is available to assist you in selecting the right fastening solutions and customized fixing solutions. We place great emphasis on the quality of our products, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Contact us for more information about our fastening and fixing solutions. We look forward to providing you with customized solutions that meet your requirements.

Our connection solutions for individual requirements

Special screws for individual requirements
individual | as your requirements
Special screws

Our high-quality and customized special screws and special bolts are manufactured according to your individual requirements or drawings.

Expansion screws ensure the durabilty of the screw connection
maximum flexibility | for extreme loads
Expansion bolts

With their unique design, expansion bolts provide an effective method of compensating for thermal expansion, vibration and other stresses.

Stud bolts for quick and easy installation
quick and easy installation
Stud bolts

Stud bolts enable quick and easy installation. They also offer high load-bearing capacity and stability, making them ideal for applications with high mechanical requirements.

Turned parts, milled parts and long turned parts with complex shapes and geometries
highest precision | for sophisticated drawing parts
CNC turned parts & milled parts

By using the latest CNC technology, we can produce turned parts, milled parts and long turned parts with complex shapes and geometries with high precision.

Standard parts with special requirements
according to standard | yet unique
Standard parts

Standard parts are standardized components and simplify the design and manufacturing process. For specific needs and applications, we manufacture screws, nuts and washers according to standards with special requirements.

Aluminum screws offer high strength and low weight
lightweight | yet robust
Aluminum screws & aluminum parts

As a lightweight though robust material, aluminum screws offer high strength and low weight. Thanks to their corrosion resistance, aluminum parts are suitable for use in environments with high humidity or aggressive chemicals.

Complementary products for individual fasteners

Assembly pastes and lubricants for your individual applications
Lubricants & assembly pastes

In addition to our special screws and custom parts, we also offer the right assembly pastes and lubricants for your individual applications.

Special test equipment according to your individual specifications
Test equipment

We offer test equipment such as thread plug gauges, thread ring gauges and other special test equipment according to your individual specifications.

Expert guide for fasteners and fastening solutions

Immerse yourself in the world of joining technology with our comprehensive practical information guide! Learn all about choosing the right raw material, the importance of coatings for corrosion protection and aesthetics, and the role of heat treatments in improving strength. Learn the intricacies of thread manufacturing and discover a variety of fastening solutions for every application. This guide is a must-read for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the manufacture and application of screws and other fasteners.

Production methods

Discover the fascinating world of manufacturing fastening solutions! Hot forming uses high temperatures to soften metal and shape it into the desired form, ideal for complex screw heads. Cold forming, on the other hand, forms the metal at room temperature and is perfect for producing screws with high precision and strength. Machining production makes it possible to add fine threads and special features required for specific fastening solutions. Immerse yourself in the technology behind every screw that holds our daily lives together.

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